Friday, December 29, 2017

Goals for 2018

1. I want to spend more time with my family.
2. Specifically, I want to spend more time with my son Devin.
3. I want to spend some more quality time with Susan.
4. I want to read more, especially academic articles and applied research.
5. I want to socialize more with people who see the world and its problems in similar ways that I do.
6. I want to socialize more with those people who see similar solutions to today's problems as I do.
7. I want to see a more musicians playing original music in small venues this year.
8. I think many of us "want" this during this time of year, but I really want to seriously get back in shape again. Lose a few points (30 would be nice), walk a mile each day, lift some weights just to build some strength again.
9. I want to sponsor at least four Salons this year.
10. I want to see more baseball games this year.

That's if for right now. I may add a few later.

It's All Good!

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