Sunday, December 31, 2017


Every year is full of anniversaries. We celebrate those 365 days passing with reflections on what we’ve achieved and what we would do different for the next year.

We do it on our birthday.

We do it on our wedding anniversary.

We do it for our special events.

The one we do for “New Year’s” is full of a wide range of reflections, based in large part on our collective social identities and the contexts we define those identities in.

This has been a “ying-and-yang” year for me. In many ways it has come to remind me of which of my identities are most salient to me.

My “goals” for 2018 are a reflection of this. I value my role as a father, as a husband, as a Professor, as a Liberal/Progressive, and as a Boozefighter.

Based on those identities in 2017, I was mainly satisfied with my performance and social production. The students at Kennesaw are great, the job was much better than I could have ever anticipated, and the Chapter is doing fine and is well respected in East Tennessee.

What I didn’t do “well” was the father and husband end of things.

Not to appear that things are “bad”, because they’re not. But it’s just that I have so much more to give to family and I haven’t done as much as I know I can do. And over the past few weeks I’ve done a good job starting off being more of a “family” person, and I can see it starting to produce rewards, especially with my son Devin.

I also haven’t re-connected with the “few” liberal and progressive friends I have up here in the region. Our Knoxville friends—I haven’t seen them as much as I want to. They’re riders too so this shouldn’t have been much trouble to coordinate. But things got in the way (mainly club activities) and being around my progressive riding friends took a back seat.

This will not happen in 2018.

As much as I felt “happy” in 2018, I still cannot shake the fact that our society has such an idiot (with power) in the presidency. As much as my mental health would be richer without thinking so much about the daily issues and problems he puts our society in, I cannot avoid reading the news, the tweets, and the other various forms of social media that chronicalize his daily disasters.

I can see that 2018 will not be a good year for me as long as that blowhard idiot is in office.

So, this is how I start the New Year. Hoping to spend more time with family and progressive friends, and perhaps to dive into new adventures voicing my dissent to Drumpf. Perhaps a march or two in the streets will be in my forte for 2018.

To you all, Happy New Year! May 2018 bring you renewed prosperity and joy!

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