Friday, July 08, 2016

Baton Rouge, Minnesota, and Dallas….

Waking up to this morning’s news is just too much….

This week has become the “poster child” for senseless killing by and of the police.

It is difficult to sort through, let alone decipher, what the hell is going on in the US today.

On one hand, the shootings of innocents by the police is an example of how far behind we have come as a society in engaging in a true race relations dialogue. Racism and discrimination exist. It is the foundation for the anger that exists in minority communities as they react to the senseless killing by police officers who seem motivated by both stereotypes (profiling) and fear (profiling) in their reactions in the field.

On the other, there seems to be a group (organized or unorganized, I can’t tell yet) that is willing to take advantage of this racial divide and shoot police officers who are gathered in large numbers to protect protesters. Their goal was to provoke and agitate this racial divide. What disturbs me is they were willing to give their lives up to this agitation. Delusional, they are indeed terrorists. In the next few days, we will discover a bit more about who they are and what their motives were (are).

These are extremely disturbing times in the US. How much killing has to take place before we all drop our prejudices, stereotypes, and “phobias” and begin in a much needed across the board dialogue on the racial divide in our society? As I have said for nearly 20 years, this dialogue MUST TAKE PLACE. Unfortunately, we are not near the first step in this process—TRUST. But it is necessary to have this dialogue.