Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Letter To My 14-year-old Daughter....

As you settle down with your anger and other emotions from this weekend, I hope you will positively reflect on what has happened and how you can begin taking control of your life.  You realize how you have disappointed me.  We had this conversation in the “Laundry Room” during the Christmas Break.  And you were told by me the consequences of a repeat action on your part.  Just to reiterate, I will not be coming to Houston to attend your play, and I will not allow you to visit our house until you have 1) apologized to me (sincerely, not superficially) and have 2) engaged in a number of counseling sessions to get to the root causes of your behavior. 

After some thought, I don’t intend to cut off all communications with you.  I would like, honestly, to keep some dialogue open with you.  But I don’t intend to make you a part of my household until you complete a good round of therapy. You need to fully understand how irresponsible, and indeed potentially dangerous, your actions were.  It is troubling to me that an intelligent person like yourself would do such a thing, and indeed do it knowing what the potential consequences would be if you were caught.  You let your impulses and desires outweigh your logical and rational self.  We are all guilty of such behavior—no doubt.  The key is knowing when to control the impulses and desires when you realize how your actions will hurt other people.

Let me know how you are doing when you feel comfortable to do so.

I still love you with all my heart.


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