Friday, February 26, 2016

Last Night's Republican "Debate" (sic)

Well, it finally happened. As some headlines note today, it took nine months, but opponents to Donald Trump have finally attacked him. Where's the substance of his policies? Where does he really stand on significant conservative issues? How does he propose to honestly fund all the things he plans to implement? How is he going to implement these proposals?

His answer: "I'll make American great again!"

And that was basically it!

NOTE: He still has full control and momentum to be the Republican Presidential nominee. But, there is no doubt, the luster and aura of his candidacy lost lots of its shine last night at the debate.

Trump can count on a solid 30-35% Republican voter support all the way to the convention. His supporters didn't hear (or don't want to hear) the things exposed about Trump last night. As commentators noted, no Republican candidate TO DATE has done a good job on opposition research on Trump. Starting to dig around now, with Super Tuesday only days away, is really too little, too late.

But he has been exposed. The emperor is wearing less clothes today than he did yesterday.

I'm chuckling at this whole process. Perhaps this is what finally destroys the Republican Party.

I can only hope!

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