Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Feast of Snow Days!

Well, not exactly, but....

I've been out of school for two days--Friday and Monday. Devin has been out of school one week (5 school days). During that time we've stayed close to home (actually, limited to staying in the house for two days because of the snow), cooking some pretty good meals and drinking quite a bit on the weekend.

We also played "Cards Against Humanity" with Devin!

And he loved it.

Twisted little fellow that he is!

As I get closer to my birthday, I always think about how important family is. I love my family, and I'm glad we do many things together. If we weren't close, I'm sure we would kill each other during times when we are snowed in.

Now, as I get ready for school today, I know that I've had more than enough time to grade all 155 papers that were due this weekend while also reviewing my lectures.  I'm thankful for taking the time during Winter Break to get as many preps completed as I could so that I wouldn't fall behind like I did last semester.

It is still a good New Year! I'm gonna try to keep it that way!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Welcome to the First Day of Spring Semester

Another Spring Semester begins.

I honestly haven't felt this prepared to start a semester in a long time.

I've spend the last two weeks working very hard preparing for all my courses. I have been on this campus for three semesters so far and am thoroughly enjoying my time here. The students are great, colleagues are collegial, and the campus is beautiful.

This is going to be a great semester--I know it!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Boozefighting Again!

Susan and I had a great time out last night. Karaoke and drinking! But--we are paying the price for it today! It's ALL Good!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Economies of Everyday Life

I had planned on going on the motorcycle to New Orleans for the first week of Mardi Gras, but even with cheap gas and a place to stay, I am having difficulty justifying spending the money for this three day trip. I have mentally developed a budget, but I know I always go over it once I get down there and I don't really need to spend that much money with Susan's layoff just weeks away.

I probably will do the "adult" thing and stay home.

Hey, I'll spend half the money on my birthday ;)

It's All Good!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Last State of the Union

Overall, I was pretty impressed with President Obama's speech. I thought it highlighted the successes of this Presidency, and he shared his "hope" for the future.

I have not been happy with his Presidency. I honestly thought he could have done so much more. He came to office with the best of intentions, but neither he nor I were prepared for the racist onslaught that would dog his administration. That and a weak-back thin-skinned Democrat Congress--HIS Congress did him no favors by watering down and stalling the Affordable Health Care Act. What we have today pales in comparison to what it could be for the American people. Once Congress turned Republican, any initiative he would propose would be lost in the quagmire of partisanship. The Democratic Congress should have had the balls to work for the people--not their feared reelections.

The President truly became himself once he realized that he could act through Executive Action. With Executive Orders, he has been able to assert his progressive agenda with more vigor. True, he cannot run everything through that he wants. But he has definitely laid the foundation for the next Democrat coming to the Presidency.

Again, all-in-all a very good speech, highlighting a very successful Presidency. Thank you for your service Mr. President.