Monday, February 24, 2014

On Retirement....

Well, I've been doing more than thinking about retirement. I'm planning on doing it by next year.  

Susan and I have started to take an inventory of what we can get rid of and what we can keep. Basically, we're keeping all the art and getting rid of most everything else. There will be a bounty of garage sales over the next many months. If you're in the area, watch for some good deals from our house.

I'm just tired of working. I have a great job, but the people I work for are, well, people I work for. I am not good with working "under" people--I understand this. I love the freedom that comes with my job, but even my job has limits to freedom and the control of my time. It has been a great ride, though, over the past nearly 20 years of my career. But, it's time to spend time with Devin and Susan.

What will we do? Well, we'll be moving for one thing. We'll be going to Tennessee to live close to Susan's mom. That won't be happening until sometime next year, but there's a good chance that Susan and Devin will head up there for the new school year, leaving me here to finish out my last year at the University.

Why now? Lots of small reasons, but the big one is my obsession with my impending doom. My father lived until he was 56. He had just retired from his highly stressful work and "enjoyed" his retirement for 9-months.  Then he died of a massive heart attack.  

I will be 56 next January....

I don't want to go out that way. I'm in good health, I anticipate I "could" work until I'm in my 70s or later, but I don't want to work anymore. I want to begin really enjoying myself, spending time with the family, and watching the world go round. I am so "over" trying to accomplish something for myself or for this world. I have my children who will pass on my legacy. I have all the students who have passed through my courses that I believe I've left with some lasting impression. That is all I can do. Now, it's time for me to do things just for myself.

I feel really good about this. 

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