Tuesday, February 18, 2014

An Early Spring Means....

I'm not getting my hopes up at all, but I'll take these last few days (and the forecast for the next 10 days) of wonderful, spring-like weather.

The real problem for me when the weather turns like this is that all I want to do is ride the motorcycle....

Where I live (Central Texas), there's a great ride waiting for you literally on every road you turn on. We have long but secluded roads in the hills that take you through some of the best areas of the state. I've been on quite a few and have discovered some by accident. Each road comes with the freedom and peacefulness I need these days as I grade my papers.

I am looking forward to the upcoming Spring Break. I'm hoping that it will include a very long ride back home to New Orleans. We will see.

It's All Good!

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