Sunday, July 08, 2012

The Annual Motorcycle Ride to New Orleans

I’ll be heading out to New Orleans in the early morning for an academic conference. This conference gives me an opportunity to take my annual motorcycle ride to New Orleans. I’ve been looking forward to this trip all year long. On the plus side it will be my first long trip on my new 2012 Heritage Softail. On the bad side, I will (once again) be riding into inclement weather.

On my last long trip to Albuquerque, I was chasing a snow storm. It was a long, cold ride, but I loved nearly every moment of it (I could have done without leaving Lubbock in 20-degree weather). So, I’m used to experiencing some sort of weather on these long trips. I believe that any of us who have been on long trips expect bad weather no matter how well we plan the trip.

I am packed and even had room for two of Susan’s statues that we sell in the French Quarter. I’ve got my raingear, rain boots, and water-repellent mask. I’ve got two routes outlined on the map—one that leads to Natchitoches, LA in case I see too much rain happening along the Gulf. Otherwise, I’ve inked the “normal” route that takes me along HWY 190 all the way to Baton Rouge. Hopefully, the only stretch of Interstate I’ll travel on will be I-10 from Baton Rouge to New Orleans.

I’m as ready for rain as I’m going to be.

But I’m also so ready for the ride!

On these solo trips, I really get to experience the beautiful nature along HWY 190. There are patches in the road that are canopied with large pines. The smells are incredible, especially when you pass either barbeque joints or Cajun restaurants. I am so looking forward to all of this.

I intend to take lots of pictures on this trip. I’ve got my small and large camera packed—I’ll be carrying my small camera and between that and the iPhone I will be posting pics on my Facebook account along the way. The Heritage Softail has a smaller gas tank than the Street Glide, so I am expecting to stop every 150 miles for gas. That means about every 2.5 hours. I anticipate making four stops before I reach New Orleans. I believe it will take me 10 hours to get there.

I couldn’t do these trips without the love and support from Susan. She tolerates my eccentricities, and she knows I really need me some New Orleans right now.

More from the road. It’s all good :)


Hannah Parkin said...

I hope you had fun on your New Orleans trip! How was your motorcycle ride this time around? Was it as awesome as it usually is? I’m sure that because motorbikes are open vehicles, you discover something new every time you make that trip.

Hannah Parkin

Hannah Parkin said...

Hmm, it seems your ride has been "bumpy" all the way. But the good thing with solo trips is that you will be able to enjoy the sceneries and the experiences all by yourself! Sometimes, you need to go by yourself to give yourself a break and go to the next level of experience. :)