Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Few Days Without the Bike....

Well, my bike went in the shop this week....

It wouldn't start, and after I thought it was the starter or the starter switch, it turned out to be "just" the negative battery cable. It was cut in half, though I don't know how, and this cut off all the electricity to the battery.

A $13 part, and it takes about a week to get it ordered from Harley to replace....

As I know too well, if I had known that was all it was, I could have put a wire there and it would have started just fine.

As it is, I've been without the bike for the week. I feel like I've lost my right hand....

I am sure I am the only person on the Humid list who writes about bikes. But for those of us who ride every day, losing your bike to any event can be pretty detrimental to one's mentality.

Over time, I have come to take for granted what its like to ride the bike on a daily basis. Through the coldest of weather, and through some rainy days and times when I know I shouldn't ride, I get on the bike nearly every day to ride somewhere. And right now, I feel pretty empty.

There is something to be said about feeling the "freedom" that comes with riding a bike. Especially during this wonderful Autumn days. The briskness of the cool mornings. The beautiful afternoons just to ride around for an hour during lunch. The wonderful ride home when it isn't scorching hot. And right now I have to drive a "cage" all day long. This is not a good feeling at all.

I am hoping to get the bike back before the weekend. I've got plans to ride all day Saturday to various events sponsored by various groups. There's Boozefighter's to see, BACA fundraiser's to go to, and hills to climb.

I can only hope that the bike is ready by Friday so that I can catch up on some miles on the road. Otherwise, I might just go crazy.

Such is the life. It's all good :)

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