Monday, July 11, 2011

The New Google+

I have successfully secured a Google+ account and am currently playing around in their environment. Supposedly, it is supposed to challenge Facebook's social networking medium, though I am sure it will only rival it at best, especially in the early stages. What I'm trying to do, though, is see how much I can do within the Google environment, including social networking, without really shifting to other web-pages or browsers.

Now, I haven't had much to squabble with when it comes to Facebook. I have many "friends" there, though I like the idea of Google+ setting up different communities of friends so they're not bumping into each other. Still, I enjoy the fact that my biker friends get a "chance" to actually read some fairly liberal or leftist news at times, though I know they don't click on it (as I don't click on their conservative news either).

What I do use Google for is academic research. It is this platform, as well as Google docs, that I could see some real relevancy for. That and the live video-chats (which I am going to see if I can use today) may make this a pretty good platform for my work. Do some research, look up some articles, post my thoughts on Google docs, request a chat with a co-author, have them look over the material in live time, and discuss. Knowing that I could do this from the comforts of a bar in New Orleans makes this REALLY attractive ;)

So, here I go, diving into Google+ with some gusto.

Wish me luck ;)

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