Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Mr. Pitiful

That could characterize the whole state of Texas….

Rick Perry won the GOP nomination for Governor, running for an unprecedented FOURTH term as Governor. His challenger in the General Election will be Democrat Bill White, the great mayor from Houston. Though I will pouring lots of money and energy in Bill White’s campaign, I believe the STUPIDITY of the great many Texans will vote for Bush-Clone Perry once again.

It is difficult living in a state that is proud of its stupidity. Over half of the state’s residents don’t believe in evolution. Over half believe humans (homo sapiens) walked with dinosaurs. Over half do not understand how much the state is dependent on Federal dollars to keep what’s left of its infrastructure in place.

I am content being a “short-timer” in Tex-ASS. We have plans to return to New Orleans in the next three years—with or without a job. It is just going to be a trying time as this “state” reverses itself into the stone age on many levels. Sure there’s Austin and its relatively progressive scene. But there isn’t much else, and it gets lonely being the only progressive in the immediate area. Thank god for alcohol is all I gotta say….