Sunday, August 01, 2010

New Orleans Thoughts

As I begin packing to head back to Texas, I have a few thoughts and reflections about these wonderful two weeks in New Orleans:

1. I have become closer to my daughter. I think it is difficult for any parent to be “close” to their teen children. The challenge with Cece and me has been the distance and the fact that I have not tried to intrude in her active life. I could have insisted that she visit with me once or twice a month, which we were able to do for a year after the Storm. But as she entered High School, become part of a rich friendship network, and then took on a part-time job, there was no way I wanted to be an intrusion on her life.

This trip has brought us so much closer. We learned some things about each other, we cleared up some issues, and in the end she and I were able to spend lots of time together without getting on each other’s nerves. That says a lot right there. She is a wonderful person, and I am happy to be a part of her life—again.

2. I have great friends in New Orleans. My friend Rhonda basically gave her house to Cece and I to use for two weeks. She is a Saint, and it is through her friendship that I was able to bring Cece here for two weeks for her internship.

My friend Blake who offered Cece the opportunity to be a part of one of the greatest entrepreneurial machines in this city. He is like a brother to me, and I am happy that I can still be a part of what he works on.

Dwayne offered me a chance to get back on the air at WWOZ. He was able to get me three shows during these two weeks. Sitting in the studio really made me feel back home. I hope I can do this again in a more permanent way in the future.

I had the opportunity to visit with many friends on this trip, and though there were some that I was not able to see, I am happy to have at least shared a bit of my trip with all of them through this blog. I am truly blessed with all these friends. You all share a piece of my soul.

3. At some point in time, we will move back to New Orleans. A part of me wants to take a big chance and get back here right now. My “responsible” side tells me I must do what is best for Susan and Devin. Somewhere in the middle, I am sure we will find a way back home before too long. I think the first thing we need to do is buy a condo in the Bywater. That way, we will always have a place to stay, and we can come down whenever we want.

4. I will continue to write in this blog, on a nearly daily basis.

Writing my thoughts about this trip has fueled in me the desire to write again. My muse has been awoken. I come away from this trip with one grant idea, a book idea, and commitments to write liner notes for two musicians.

As I settle back into the mundane daily life in Texas, I believe I will focus more on my thoughts as they race with me down the road on my Harley. The “Harley Chronicles” perhaps.

Thank you all for reading these accounts for the last two weeks. I have appreciated the comments. I hope I was able to share this time in my life with all of you. This has been an incredible year so far.

WHO DAT!!! Yeah You Right!!! It’s All Good!!!

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