Saturday, August 07, 2010

Harley Dude

Summers in Central Texas bring intense “hair dryer” heat that occasionally get relieved by brief but torrential rains. It is not the time of year that encourages one to spend time outside doing anything, unless it's by a pool and comes with a bounty of cold drinks. This weekend is no different, and as I walk Miss Stella this early morning I find the heat “tolerable”.

Yet, it is the first weekend I've been back to Texas, and I have a desire to take the Harley out for a long ride....

My excuse—to go to Austin to pick up things for my “Satchofest Central Texas” party tonight.

It's a good excuse—really....

As long as I get out before 8am, I am going to be ok. The heat will not become blazing until after noon, and I intend to be back home before 2pm to get started with cooking.

My weekend rides consist of taking as many back roads as I can to get to my destination. One normally takes I-35 to get to Austin, but there are a number of small roads along I-35 that can get you there as well. I call it “meandering” through the Hill Country. When I'm on the Harley, I'm never in a hurry anyway.

This morning's ride is going to take me along Highway 95 from Belton to Taylor, and then south to Barton Creek Square in South Austin.

Biking—to a Mall?

Well, they are opening up a LEGO Store in the Mall, and I've got some things to get for my special guy before I see him on Monday.

That, and it's Susan's birthday on Tuesday.

I've got lots to do in a short amount of time—bike ride, buying of presents, cleaning of the house (not much on that front), and cooking.

It's going to be a great start to the weekend.

It keeps me alive while I live in Exile....

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