Sunday, February 07, 2010


This is a great day on so many fronts. First, the Saints are in the Super Bowl. This is more than just a game for us New Orleanian’s—the team is part of our culture, and we are so intertwined with the team that we are all there in spirit with the team. They win for us, but they win with us. They are us in many ways, and what I like is that so many of the players and coaches fully understand it. There will be a great parade in New Orleans on Tuesday, and more than that—there will be a great party in the streets of New Orleans tonight.

The other thing is that Mitch Landrieu was elected Mayor of New Orleans last night. There is lots of pressure on him to undo all the bad things Nagin did over the past four years, but I am confident he can put New Orleans on track to being a fully-rebuilt city. I am with Mitch for this process.

This is a great day for New Orleans.