Friday, January 29, 2010

Thank You All

I am overwhelmed by the internet response to my post yesterday. Thank you all for your thoughts.

Today was a better day—mom no longer had the distant look, but she can no longer garner the energy to talk. So I talked to her. I told her how proud I was to be her son. I told her that she had taught me so much—especially about human justice and the injustice of prejudice and discrimination. I told her that she meant so much to me. I spoke in broken Japanese to her. I reminisced about funny memories from my childhood. And she would smile and her eyes would brighten up. I sang to her, and hummed Japanese songs that I didn't know the words to. When she finally fell asleep, I left.

Each day is different. I have come to expect that. I am not sure what tomorrow brings. But I want to keep assuring her that she can fly away, and that she means so much to me—and always will.

Yesterday was my birthday. I will never forget it....


Nyx said...


I just lost a woman who was almost my second mother to cancer at the beginning of December. Originally she had just gone into the hospital for a cough - and wound up diagnosed with stage four lung and stage four liver cancer.

She's gone now, but I still talk to her, and I know that she's listening. She's in a better place now, one that's free of suffering.

Your mother can hear you, and she loves you very much. No matter what comes, never forget that.

I'm keeping you and your mother in my thoughts and prayers.


Dyinetch said...

Hi bill. The blogging community really is a good support system and I'm proud that I'm part of it. And I'm more proud that you shared your weakest moments for everyone to read. That's so brave and I admire you for that. I really think you are a good person. I hope you feel better soon. As I've said, my prayers are with you and your family. Be strong.

Belated happy birthday.

Tasha said...

By the sounds of it, your mum definitely knows you're there, and is grateful and happy for it. What you are doing is strong and inspiring. I admire you.

Keep being strong for your mum, but remember it's also good to let out your feelings.

Praying for you and your family, and happy birthday for yesterday.
Take care x

Susan Eller said...

this post brought tears to my eyes.
your love for your mom is transparent, and beautiful.

also, happy belated birthday to you, spent with a woman you love, who loves you. to an amazing day, filled with precious memories you will never forget.

love, compassion, and light,

Cricket said...

You're doing everything you can for your mum; you obviously make her very happy.

Keep smiling.


lorib said...


I hope all your days get better. You are doing a wonderful thing for your mother. I am sure she appreciates it very much. You will get so much out of this experience. Everytime things seem to be too much just think of all the love we have all sent your way.

Love & peace,

Lightheart said...

You are doing the right thing in spending this precious time with your mom.
Be Blessed! Praying for you and your mom.
Belated Birthday prayer.

Kristen said...

There you go again, making me tear up at work! :-)

What a lucky mom to have a loving son like you! She must have been doing something right!


Myster1ous said...


It is so comforting to know that you got to spend some tender moments with your mother before she passed away - those are moments that I am sure you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Your mother must have felt so proud and happy that you were there for her :) and connecting the way that you did with her in her last few moments is so touching.

Happy Belated Birthday as well! I hope that everything is getting better for you and your family.