Monday, January 04, 2010

Personal Log

To a certain extent....

I have to say that I honestly "hate" the idea of going back to work today. This has been one of my most enjoyable breaks over the past few years, and the simultaneous trips to New Orleans and Tennessee really helped revive the soul. Being back home for the final week helped further relax the brain and soul, and I wish I could just work from the house for the rest of my working life.

But, I am a realist and I know I must go back to work today. I am hoping for a very quiet work week. All is good.

I had trouble sleeping last night because I was "dreaming" about who the Saints were going to play in the playoffs. Wow--that's a bit too intense for me. But I will begin planning the Playoff Party(s) here at the house in two weeks. I am very happy with this season, though my only disappointment was the loss to the Cowboys. Best season ever--and I have confidence they will dominate in the playoffs. The key will be to score on their first possessions.

News today in the New York Times about the South (Alabama specifically) turning into a solid Republican region. There are times when I so hate living in the deep south. The conservatism and the religious-fanaticism drive me crazy. If you want to see a real dumbing-down of America, come visit the deep south. I enjoy bringing out the critical thinking skills of the students in my classes, but it significantly challenges them to think beyond their taken-for-granted perspectives on the world. It is a sad state of the nation right now, and I am fearful that the country will move further to the Right over the next few years.

I've got lots to work on today. I've got a paper to present in New Orleans in April, and another that I must send out for publication. Those two pieces of work are my end-goals for this week. Close the door and don't answer the phone :)


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