Wednesday, January 06, 2010

"Hey Now It's Carnival Time...."

Thanks to Al "Carnival Time" Johnson for today's inspirational song ;)

I finished one paper yesterday, and now it's in the hands of two able editors here at home--Susan and my friend Allen. I should have a pretty well polished paper before it gets sent out to the wolves in publication land on Friday.

This morning, I will venture out to my local HEB to see if they have King Cakes. Surprisingly, they have King Cakes every 12th Night. I just always am surprised and touched to see them here. It is funny how little things like that can spark emotion in me. It's the New Orleans in me, I guess.

Good news on the Mardi Gras front. Our friend Rhonda will host us for Mardi Gras weekend. We finally get to come home for Mardi Gras, and we get to once again march with St. Anne on Mardi Gras day. My costume is complete (it has been for four years)--it's just been waiting for its inagural appearance in New Orleans :)

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