Saturday, January 03, 2009

Nice to be home

It is difficult updating anything on the road when all you have is a minicomputer and a phone pc!!! But that's what I brought with me, and it will have to do.

I was surprised with the quality of the food at Fiorella's last night. They finally got it right (or back to the way it was before the storm). Chicken was excellent, and so were the fried pickles. I would highly recommend it, especially to those who have been there after it was bought two years ago by the folks at Whirling Dirvish.

Cece and I walked through the Quarter last night after dinner, and I felt like I was home. Window browsing on Royal St. is a joy, though I continue to see shops closing every time I come back. The Quarter was alive, though, and that is what I needed.

We actually packed lots in for the evening. The Quarter, Frenchman St., Rock & Bowl to see Kermit, and then a drive down Magazine St. It was again as if I had never left.

Cece appreciates this visit very much. She especially appreciates the diversity here among the young men she sees. She is having fun, and that's really what this trip is all about.

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