Tuesday, January 13, 2009

George Bush can Kiss My Ass

I have now lived in Harker Heights, TX for 3 years. We have landed on our feet and we have, with hesitancy, moved on. It took me a while to do that, and I honestly know that there is no other place for me to live in the world than New Orleans. Someday, I know we will find our way back. But for the long-term, we will be here in Central Texas. Good job, a “peaceful” life, beginning to collect good friends, and throwing some good parties. Susan and I are enjoying our Blue Room nights more and more—it’s like relaxing at Zots on Royal St. back in the day.

This is all good and fine, but it doesn’t mean I don’t get mad as hell when Katrina is brought up, especially by the Village Idiot from Crawford, Texas.

George, not only was the Federal response “slow” during Hurricane Katrina—it was non-existent. Yes, the Coast Guard worked vigilantly to rescue people from their homes. But we needed more help, even while the Coast Guard was doing its job! How many people died in the hospitals? How many people died in the nursing homes? How many people died while waiting to be evacuated from the highways and airport? How many days did it take for ANY concerted Federal response to hit the city? How many days before Michael fucking Brown admitted that there was even a goddamn problem in New Orleans?

I could go on, and ask any of us who experienced Katrina firsthand what we think about Bush and Katrina—we can go down our own personal checklists of unmet federal promises to make our lives whole again. I just traveled through the Lakeview and Lower Ninth Ward neighborhoods and am now numb at the lack of visible signs of rebuilding in those areas. Drive through many of our neighborhoods, and you still see one occupied house among 10 in a block, the occasional FEMA trailer, and houses destroyed by the storm still lying vacant and unrepaired. To date, the Federal Response has been “at best” SLOW—AT A SNAIL’S PACE, and truly INADEQUATE. Both of those truths indicate how serious you never were in helping rebuild our city. Look at Galveston today and you see a continuation of this total neglect for the safety and rebuilding of communities destroyed by disasters in our own country by your fuckingly inept administration.

I will be happy to see you go in 6 days. The clock cannot tick fast enough. And I hope I can say hello to you in Crawford, TX, just a few miles north of me where I now live because of your lack of help to New Orleans. I want to give you my own personal one-finger salute. You are a sorry excuse for human life.


Vicky said...

Careful! You may get on Laura's *hit list! But you won't have to worry about it - Crawford is out (it was a ploy to make them look like normal, folksy people, anyway). Laura has laid down the law and they're going to stay in their gated community in Dallas. Thank God we left that place!

Vicky said...

I just realized when I read that that perhaps I should have had more coffee before writing and spelling!