Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Why I Voted For Senator Barack Obama

These are the issues that are most important to me as I made my decision to vote for Barack Obama. Though all four issues are important, I have placed them in my order of importance.

1. The Supreme Court
I believe that an Obama administration AND a Democratically held Senate will be able to keep the Supreme Court moderate at best. The Obama Court will not overturn Roe v. Wade, and this is important to me.

2. Fairness Doctrine
I believe an Obama administration will reinstate the Fairness Doctrine in communications. I believe it should be the first Executive Order he signs once he is inaugurated. I believe that the airwaves are dominated by Right-Wing hate mongers and that there is a need today for a balanced and educated voice for the listening public. We need to get rid of the hate on the air and use the media to educate citizenship.

3. National Health Care
I believe an Obama administration will move quickly to create a National Health Care system. We need this to become more competitive in the Global labor market so that we can better keep jobs in the US.

4. Ending the Iraq War
I believe the Obama administration will move quickly to get our troops out of Iraq. It is about time to get out of this conflict so symbolic of the Bush debacle.

These issues are paramount in my decision. They completely separate the two candidates in this race.

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