Saturday, August 30, 2008

Gustav, Go Away

11:00am. Gustav's forecast at 11am moves it back to the East closer to New Orleans.

I would now be planning on leaving by Sunday, if not sooner....

Don't take the chance. Head to Florida, or North and enjoy the Labor Day weekend.

My philosophy when I see these things enter the gulf is watch it closely because it can do anything once there. This is nothing to mess with--it's a Cat 3, and it's moving slowly. It is still very unpredictable.

30 x 90 folks--30 x 90. It's got to be deep in the gulf and steadily moving west before I decide to STAY.

The Tropical Storm force winds will extend all around New Orleans. That is going to cause some storm surge into Lake Pontchatrain and the Mississippi River (which is already high). This enough will test the levee system.

Look--schools are out until next week, I'm sure businesses have made plans to close.... What I'm saying is just be smart about this. Be wise and be careful.

My thoughts are with you all. More updates later.

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