Monday, July 14, 2008

Makes You Think

I just ran across this piece on YouTube and it struck a chord with me:

What do you think?


Vicky said...

Awesome. I had a moment something like this last night, a moment of profound sadness. I was watching someone who had started a kids' clinic in the East on the local news. What kind of world would it be if we didn't trade in war and destruction, but instead, in helping each other and maximizing our potential, all in balance with our planet? Some would say I'm naive, an idealist, or a hippie. I would say I'm just tired of what we are doing now. It's not working.

KWCecelia said...

Hey Daddy, Its Cece...made a new blog.
I liked this, its a good idea. Looks like it worked, it makes people think.
I talked to my friend the other day and she was shocked to hear that New Orleans is still suffering. She even tried to deny the statement. Goes to show what the youth thinks. Kind of sad.