Thursday, April 03, 2008

We Have Lost A Great Warrior for New Orleans

I can’t believe it….

We’ve lost another great patron of the City we all love so much….

Dr. Ashley Morris passed away yesterday, and I learned of his passing when I went to log on to his daily diatribes that kept me so in touch with the city.

I never met Ashley, though I thought we might touch base during my last visit back home during St. Pat’s. We conversed on the internet, through his blog and through e-mail. I was happy when he said he would’ve voted for me if I ran for City Council. And I would’ve needed his support to make it and to be a fighter on that dysfunctional institution.

He was my hero….

His rants were classic. I should link to them here, but if you’re here, you know all the ones that count. I remember back in May 2006 reading aloud his “Fuck you you Fucking Fucks” to my class. It was classic. They laughed, not even knowing what New Orleans was about. And I wanted to give him a big fat kiss for that post.

His rants against Chicago when the Saints lost up there….

His great tattoo for the Saints….

His photo-voodoo—how anyone taking a pix with him that might have been in politics would be forever contaminated….

His Kreux de Vieux pix…. “Buy us back, Chirac….”

I wanted to be a professor like Ashley….

To be a family person like Ashley….

To be fighting for New Orleans like Ashley….

I do my best, my friend, to keep the story of New Orleans alive outside of the Great State of Louisiana. And I gotta say that I’ve done a good job. And that’s in part to your motivation and your edge.

I will miss you. And I will keep you in my thoughts always.


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The long, long road home,New Orleans said...

Not sure if you saw yet but there is a fund set up to help Dr Morris' family