Monday, March 03, 2008

P. O.'d

The Monkey Speaks His Mind....

And he's pissed off....

I am so tired of Conservative rants these days. On any medium (blogs, radio, tv, webcasts). I SO WANT the Democrats to win in November--just to see Conservatives whine like never before (actually, like they did when Billary I was in office).

Why can't we just give Conservatives Texas? Please? And that's really generous, if you think about it. They get a territory the size of a country (ask Texans--it IS a country "still") with the stipulation that they stay right where they are and inflict no harm on the remaining United States. Let them play Free Market Monopoly all day long, and let them do whatever they want to their social structure. Gun loving, freedom loving, paranoid schitzophrenic drug using, conservative-land.


Now I feel better :)


Banzai Bill said...

Talk about pussies. Why don't you show your profile so I can kick your ass? Coward.

Banzai Bill said...

Oh, and I do have a REAL start to solving these social problems--tax the rich until they turn blue.... Huey Long for President--Now More Than Ever.

Banzai Bill said...
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Turner Publishing said...

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Anonymous said...

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