Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Good Trip Back Home

Just got back from 5 days in New Orleans. Saw lots of people, Devin got to see three parades, and he gave out flowers and kissed the girls. He's learning young. It was nice to be back home, and I'm beginning to see some progress in the city's reemergence. Bits and pieces of neighborhoods coming back, usually differentiated by the amount of money available for rebuilding. I continue to be impressed with the development of the Musician's Village. I also saw other non-profit homebuilding in various areas (Central City for one). It won't be the same, but I do see some progress.


Karen said...

most of the new building here is uninspired crap

Banzai Bill said...

I would have to agree--and that may even hold true for those buildings that have been recovered. You can't rebuild the housing stock the same way as it was built--it would cost too much.

Still, when I visited the homes in the Musician's Village, I was impressed with the sense of community that is emerging there. The residents I talked to know the difference between their houses and older New Orleans homes. They are happy, though, to be in their own houses in the Village. It will take a "critical mass" approach like that to rebuild parts of New Orleans. The key, though, will be who gets to participate and who gets left out of the process. I think we already know who will be left out, and I am uncomfortable with that very much.

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