Friday, November 09, 2007

DA's Office Screwed Now....

It looks like the Orleans Parish DA’s Office is in another major pickle—attorneys for the winning plaintiffs in the race discrimination case against former DA Eddie Jordan have frozen all the DA’s Office assets. Frozen assets include Payroll. Though the employees at the DA’s office should not be penalized for Jordan’s incredible bad judgment (no pun intended), I think it was a necessary and warranted action by the Plaintiffs to seek remedy. It will spark the DA’s Office, as well as the Mayor and other interested parties to find ways to pay up. It could not happen at a worse time for the City’s public coffers, but some party will need to step up and take leadership in resolving this problem. Don’t look to C Ray to be that party—but I will enjoy seeing him further fumble this problem. Look for the city’s Power-Elite to emerge with a plan of action, with significant strings attached, to bail the DA’s Office out. I believe C Ray is correct to assume that the asset seizure will stop or delay the judicial process in the City (not like I notice any “crimes” being prosecuted right now). And that has got to worry the business and tourist Power-Elite as it will have an “image” impact on the City—and this has the potential to bite into their profit driven self-interests.

What to do in the meantime?

The DA’s Office is an arm of the State Attorney General’s Office, I believe. The AG’s Office can and must take over the affairs, including investigation and prosecution, of the Orleans DA’s Office and begin an immediate restructure. I hate saying this, but that may mean that some of the DA’s staff may have to be let go—even for a temporary basis. I am sure as well that if it presents a major crisis, the Federal AG’s Office could be asked to help in the process.

The action by the plaintiffs was rather bold and immediate. I think that is what shocked me. I am sure the City (C-Ray) was not prepared for this, assuming that their will would be “followed” by the lesser-minions in the plaintiff’s case. This dramatic action, though, was meant to spark an immediate response. It was also meant to show all parties concerned that the plaintiff’s were extremely serious about seeing the judgment carried out. The City needs to be kicked in the ass like this right now.

Now, the Firefighters need to step up and do the same thing with their pensions lawsuit against the City.

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