Thursday, May 17, 2007

Two Weeks--Two Busy Weeks

Since my last blog, I've:
1. Closed on a house
2. Graded Papers and Finals for 4 courses
3. Taken a group of 12 students to New Orleans to see how WE do community
4. Painted rooms in our new house
5. Tried to catch up with my writing

I'm working on a piece to post here on what my students observed in New Orleans. We had a group discussion on Friday, May 11 at UNO that was incredible. Before I post my thoughts, though, let me just write that it appears that New Orleans has been completely abandoned by the various levels of government in our recovery effort. For those who have returned to New Orleans to rebuild, basically they are ON THEIR OWN. It's a sorry state of affairs that points to our Governments' complete failure to bring New Orleans back. As one panelist in the discussion noted, it's as if we were set up to fail....

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Bingo Man said...

I visit our old neighborhood each time I go to the City. Things are coming along but slow. Life for me is easier now on the North Shore, less stress, less crime, just more time on the highway but I got a motorcycle to save gas. If I had waited for government help on repairs and relocation I'd still be waiting.