Friday, May 25, 2007

Politics and The State Screw New Orleans Again

I guess we should have known….

The Road Home Program is paying for Wind Damage as well as Flood Damage that was not covered by the Insurance Industry for the victims of Hurricane’s Katrina and Rita. In the process of doing this, it is blatantly apparent to me that the “Road Home” to Louisiana is paved first through Calcasieu and St. Tammany Parishs—not Orleans….

New Orleans continues to get the shaft from the Governor’s Office and the State Legislature—it’s a historical pattern. Now, with a diminished population, New Orleans can further expect even less support from the State for any aid to help rebuild. It’s not that the Federal Government isn’t off the hook—they could approve more funding to make up the deficit in the Road Home Program. But, damn it all to hell—the majority of the damage and the majority of the funding should have come to Orleans Parish, and that means covering flood damage first.

How screwed up is all this? As I heard during a panel discussion on Recovery a few weeks ago at UNO—THE BURDEN OF REBUILDING IS ON THE BACKS OF THOSE WHO HAVE COME BACK. We have been set up to fail in the whole process….


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