Friday, April 27, 2007

Happy JazzFest Everybody

I woke up this morning and turned on WWOZ. They've put up a new webpage--it looks pretty good. I also saw what looked like the new Piano Night 2007 poster. It looks like my friend Lionel Milton did the artwork. He should be out at the Fairgrounds both weekends in Congo Square. If you see him, tell him Banzai Bill says hello.

As I mentally prepare for Jazzfest, I saw this last night for the first time.

Harry Connick, Jr., Branford Marsalis, Freddy Lonzo, and Bob French on drums. Should be the same lineup later this week at the Fest.

I'll be watching you all on the Liuzza's Webcam. And I'll have a drink with you all too. And I'll be there next weekend for all kinds of music madness.

Yeah You Right....

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SteveMiami said...

Happy Jazz Fest Banzai Bill...

I made it through week one, from afar... with help from the reviews on the official jazz fest chat and pet de kat message boards, wwoz streaming live and friends fest swapping stories from years gone by.

Keep your email updates coming... We will meet up back in New Orleans again. I miss your positive outlook and seeing that happy, smiling face everywhere!

JFest week two begins tomorrow, so I'm pulling together a few hours of fest music for the radio show spinning in my head :)