Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Lunch With Doctor John

Can't write too much right now--doing too much and we don't have "great" access to the net, but....

I had lunch with Dr. John today. Great conversations. More about this later, but it was a great day (and a great xmas gift).

If you see me in town, let's have drinks :)


Thursday, December 14, 2006

Coming Back Home (sort of)....

We'll be back home on the 20th for two weeks. I can't wait. I'm counting the days until we get on the "Road Home" (sorry for the pun). We're coming with cash to spend in New Orleans--spreading among all our friends who own businesses (included in that equation--one dinner at Jacque-Imo's). I want to drink, I want to see Saints games with friends, I want to see music.

I'll be on the air at WWOZ on Friday, Dec. 22 from 6am to 9am, sitting in for Middleton O'Malley, and then again on Tuesday, Dec. 26 from 6am to 9am, sitting in for Mark Lamaire. Both shows will showcase my top jazz pics for 2006 (as well as the classics in jazz). Tune me in, and then let's meet for drinks and socializing.

Hey Blake--I want lots of those buttons. I'll talk with you when I get into town.

Counting the days....