Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Four to Five Days until Help Arrived?

I am always amazed at my inner-anger these days—these “post-Katrina” days. Anyone who knows me knows I am a very easy-going guy. I guess that made me fit in very well in New Orleans. Those same people also know, though, that if we talk politics, I eventually let my emotional wrath out and am prone to engage in monologues of disgust and rage about our current “chief-executive” (I still won’t call him the “P” word—he doesn’t deserve it).

Ever since Katrina, I’m openly angry and disgusted—I’ve got Katrina attitude….

The god-damn government, through it’s total ineptitude, both in the construction of the “levee system” in New Orleans, in the immediate “rescue” of those left behind in Katrina’s wake, and the follow-up “efforts” to “rebuild” New Orleans, has left me in a state of total disgust and anger.

Get off my ass, asshole, I’m a Katrina evacuee….

I’m really pissed off now. I watched Spike Lee’s first two acts of his four act documentary last night. I can’t believe, and still can’t believe, that this happened in “America.”

The Government has taken away from me the only place I really called home. Not only that, the Government has done very little to bring my city back. The work of hard citizens is laudible, but it becomes like the efforts of those in the Superdome trying to bring order to the chaos. One, it is a ripple response in a great tidal wave of disaster. Two, at least its getting done. Three, it begs the question—why ISN’T the GOVERNMENT THERE TO HELP—QUICKLY. And, unfortunately, it really points out at the will of people to get things done in crisis, and the total failure of this government to help aid its helpless citizens.

My foreign exchange son Remzi replied that even when Turkey had the incredibly horrible earthquakes in 1999, their government responded quicker than what he observed in the documentary.

Turkey responds to natural disasters in their country faster than the US did for Katrina….


What really pisses me off could be summed up at the end of the first two-hour set where I believe it’s either Terrance Blanchard or Michael Eric Dyson said they couldn’t believe anyone (ANYONE) could support Bush after witnessing the complete ineptitude of the Katrina response. I believe he went on to say that you can add Katrina to the whole shopping list of fiascos in this administration and wonder aloud the mental health of those who support Bush today.

To paraphrase a certain mayor who will remain nameless, “pardon my French, but I am pissed off.” Again.

David walked outside with me after the documentary and was in tears. I went outside to cry alone, but there he was with me. We hugged each other for minutes. He asked how could this happen to New Orleans? How indeed….

We’ve done as much as we can do in our own individual ways to help rebuild our great city. We can’t do it by ourselves. Take a GOOD LOOK at what is going on today in New Orleans and look yourself in the mirror. What are YOU going to do to help us out? Beyond your continued good support, we need MORE from you. WE NEED YOUR HELP TO HOLD THOSE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS ATROCITY TOTALLY ACCOUNTABLE. It could happen in your neighborhood or city when the next disaster strikes.

I am pissed off. Thank you, Spike Lee, for bringing the events of this disaster (both mitigation and recovery) into focus.

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