Thursday, July 13, 2006

Spending Money Wisely Again....

It's good to know that this administration is committed to regime change around the globe, not just in the Middle East. After all, why would we want to allocate $80 million over the next two years to, oh, let's see, protecting the greater Gulf Coast from further hurricane damage, repairing the wetlands in Louisiana, or perhaps towards the recovery of New Orleans? Incredible stupidity, once again, Shrub....

WASHINGTON, USA (AFP): US President George W. Bush on Monday approved an additional 80 million dollars to help foster Cuban democracy and pressure President Fidel Castro, whose government called the effort "embarrassing."

In a statement, Bush said he had approved a "compact" with the people of Cuba "as they transition from the repressive control of the Castro regime to freedom and a genuine democracy."

Bush also accepted the recommendations of the US Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba, a panel led by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez, which included the 80-million dollar expenditure over two years.

"The report demonstrates that we are actively working for change in Cuba, not simply waiting for change," Bush said.


Vicky said...

Yes, but he's so much better at bullying than playing compassionate statesman! It's SO much more fun and has more cache!


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