Saturday, July 08, 2006

New Jazz Set Added Today

For those folks listening to my shows at Live-365, I have just uploaded a new show this morning and hope to add shows at least twice a week (Saturday, Wednesday). As I learn how to do this from the comforts of my home (and not the comforts of WWOZ's studio), I will try to add a new show everyday. Ambitious, but I think I can do that. This is lots of fun, and it's the closest I've felt yet to being back in New Orleans. Now, where's my gallon of Daquiri's? :)


Cece said...

I am your biggest fan, Daddy!

Banzai Bill said...

You're a darlin', darlin' :) Thanks for stopping by here. Man, you sure made it home quickly last night--a very short trip for you. I'll chat with you tonight, and be sure to call Davey-boy tonight for his birthday. Love, DAD :)