Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Bad Dreams, but Good Music....

I’m playing with a few things right now. First, I’ve updated my “music” on the Stickam. Click on the Music Icon and you will hear one-hour of Jazz mixed through my collection by Music-IP (http://www.musicip.com/). It doesn’t have my “voice-overs” yet, but as I get used to putting this together, it should soon have that. For right now, it’s just one hour of what I would have put together for a Tuesday Morning Jazz Set at WWOZ (www.wwoz.org).

Second, if you haven’t heard already, my last trip to New Orleans really threw me for a loop. Bad dreams every night during the first week back about flooded out houses, people wandering the streets aimless and lost, with me caught up in the middle of it. The dreams have stopped, but I get “beyond” melancholy these days whenever I think about New Orleans. I can’t shake the images I have of the city when I first got back in October. It dominates my mind when I think of New Orleans. Not good. Not good at all.

Finally, Susan, Devin and I won’t be heading back to NOLA for French Quarter (or Jazz-) Fest. We “overindulged” during our last trip, but, hey, we did our part to support the local economy. We aren’t happy we can’t go, but we know we’ll be back in New Orleans a few times before the year is out.

More to come later. Click on the Stickam and let me know if you like the music.

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