Thursday, March 09, 2006

Cuba 8, Panama 6

As some of you know, I'm pulling for Cuba in the World Baseball Classic. Now, you all know I'd be pulling for Cuba anyway, but it's more important now than ever, especially for the City of New Orleans.

As you may not know, Cuba had to engage in some concession on what to do with the "money" earned/awarded in the tournament. The US Treasury Department at first denied their visas to participate, but they conceded when Cuba assured the US that any financial awards, other than food money for the players, would be given to New Orleans to help with our hurricane recovery efforts.

Tonight's game vs. the Netherlands is at 6pm NOLA time on ESPN. Viva Cuba--and go all the way.

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DWL NP said...

I am still in search of an intelligent blog that leans to the left or right. Have not found any yet.

This one is funny. How many rafts leave the Keys each day in search for freedom in Castro’s poverty ridden Cuba?

Viva Che Guevara? Viva Tentamen Square 1989

It’s ashame people do not exercise all their freedoms; they have freedom of thought, but evidently believe freedom of speech is all that is required.